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Security Guard Training

Looking for security guard training schools / security guard training classes / security guard training courses in the Phoenix, AZ area?

Arizona Protection Agency has an in-house training academy, which is taught by security professionals with over 20 years experience, providing unarmed security guard training. Our security officer trainers are thoroughly versed in all aspects of security and security law.

At Arizona Protection Agency, a security guard license is required before you can start work. Our trainers are registered with DPS, and we can help you get this license with our security guard card training.

You do not need a guard license to apply.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start working immediately after I attend the training academy without a security guard card?

No. All security guards working for Arizona Protection Agency must have a current Arizona Department of Public Safety license. It takes approximately 3 weeks to get this license.

Do I have to go through the A.P.A Training Academy if I already have a valid and current Arizona unarmed security license?

Yes. Every applicant must attend our training academy.

What subjects are covered at your training Academy?

Department of Public Safety rules and regulations, report writing basics, safety programs, criminal law, communications, ethics, crime scene preservation and Arizona Protection Agency company policies are covered in our academy.

What further training is available?

Our senior site supervisors conduct site-specific training, and refresher courses are taught regularly in our company headquarters.
If you are looking for facility security officer training, feel free to call our office at (480) 423-7772.